Monday, October 3, 2011

Fire Safety

Beep beep! beep! What is that noise .That noise is the smoke alarm beep!
There must be a fire. It is really important to be fire wise so I will tell you what you need to know to be safe in any situations like this. These are some safety tips.

Most fires happen in the kitchen often by drinking and cooking. Every time
you sleep you must turn off electrical appliances like stoves, TV and microwaves.
To be ready for a fire you must draw an escape plan. Did you know you must stay 1 meter away from heaters and candles?

Every time you must check you smoke alarms. Everybody must be able to get out of the house quickly. Keep matches and candles out of reach.
Did you now there are around 4,000 house fires in New Zealand. If there is a fire in the room get down get low and get out-fast.
If you cannot escape through the door you should then shut the door this will give extra
time to escape the heat and smoke.Crawl to the window keeping low under the smoke, take
a deep breath of air and then reach the window.Once you got out you call 111 .Is your family
still safe and secure?

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