Friday, May 27, 2011


On Saturday I went to my uncle’s house at my uncle’s house I played on the Play Station 3 with my cousin. We played mortal combat vs DC universe I had a tie with my cousin. My guy was called scorpion and my cousin’s guy was called sub zero . After that we had dinner then it was time to go home .

Swimming Pools

After walking to the GI pools in the pools, we went to the changing room to change. After that we went to have a quick shower and ran to the pool. We had to wait for the other people to finish then it was our turn. Ms Squires said, "Hop in the pool." When we were in the pool we did steady strokes. I was gasping for breath because I swallowed a gulp of water.

Imersion assembly

“Give a round of applause for team 3,” Mr Burt called at our Immersion Assembly. I liked their team because of how they dressed up like mad scientists and a bar of soap with a pink foamy wig. But my favorite part was when they put a multitude of ingredients into a beaker. Boom! Out came the bubbling soap. We were amazed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


At the birthday party of my brother’s friend Emma, I danced for her. It was at a humongous bar in town. She asked me “Are you going to dance? and I said yes. When I danced people shouted “GO JUNIOR!”
The song was Micheal Jackson’s Beat I did the moonwalk on the stage, wearing a Michael Jackson hat and suit. Colours from the spotlights were shining on me. I felt proud because they were clapping and cheering. One man gave me $5.
After that I went to the table to eat with my mum and dad.