Friday, February 18, 2011


On Saturday I went to my uncle’s house. I played on the PlayStation 3 with my cousin. We played mortal combat vs dc universe. I had a tie with my cousin. My guy was called scorpion and my cousin’s guy was called sub zero . After that we had dinner then it was time to go home the end.


  1. Great picture, Faueas. I'm assuming over the holidays you watched a lot of MTV and played a lot of PS3. My brother also likes to play PS3. Are those orange All-Star Converse you're wearing? Good job matching your shirt and shoes. A lot of Year 5's still need help with that.
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    Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Hi Junior,

    I like your story about what you did on the weekend.Keep up the pretty good work

    By Francis

  3. sup Junior,

    I think you can draw better than that.

  4. Sup Junior I like your picture of you

  5. Hi Faueas,is scorpion a good player or a bad player.Interesting writing but could you add a little more detail please but either than that keep up the very good writing

  6. Hi Junior,

    sup.I really like your story,and any ways
    you send yourself a comment.

  7. send me a comment and don't send yourself a comment.


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