Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hydro slide at camp

As I was climbing the steep steps,the light flash went on. Suddenly I went down zooming as fast as I could go. In the pitch black hole was spraying water going over me and I could not see anything. When I went down the hydro slide I was getting chilly cold.
I came out and Mr Marks took picture of me. I climbed up the steep stairs, it was chilly. I made my way up to the top, I was freezing up there because of the wind. Finally it was my turn. The green light went on. I went down twisting around and around coming out with a big splash.
But then they told us our turn was finished. It was the All stars turn. So we went outside and
went to the big pool next to the hydro slide.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Junior's picnic

Last year I went to the picnic it was cool because I played rugby with my friends. After that I went to the sea, I found some crabs. After that I ran back up then I went on the playground.
I had some lunch from my mum. This time I went down to the sea and I found some crabs, they bit my toe it was bleeding. I went to the tap and I took the blood off my toe. I washed it and there was a big cut on my toe. In a few seconds it felt all right, then I felt hungry so I got some lunch from
my mum. When it was time to go back to school and while we were walking I was talking with my friends.