Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Polar Blast

Last night there was snow in Wellington and Dunedin. There was even snow in Auckland in the afternoon. The snow looked like a big of bag of white cushions lying on top of New Zealand. The people in Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland were freezing cold like ice cubes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

imersion assembly

The first day of term at assembly " I felt happy because I was back at school . That day we were learning about the rugby world cup 2011.One of my favorite sports is rugby because you get payed and get famous . MR Jacobson was dressed up in Irish clothes he had a Irish flag on his back and a green curly wig and was shouting out IRELAND! IRELAND!.Team four was one of my bests funny movies because Mr Somerville was the reef of the rugby game and took the ball and got a try . “The teams I go in the world cup is the all blacks and Samoa.

All teachers were all dressed in different country's like new Zealand or Australia and many more.
A man called George Nepia was a former all black his dream was to become
an all black now he’s living the dream.