Thursday, November 24, 2011

one tree hill

Earlier this week we went to One Tree Hill the experience was going to Star dome as the main part of our trip Is outta this world. It was fantastic walk into the room and sitting down in the chairs looking up watching the big flat screen it looked real we were spinning around. After
that we went in the play room and played with the space stuff .After that we had lunch then the bus came we had to go back to school.

Monday, November 7, 2011

ice cream comets

On Friday room 14 made ice cream comets. The first step was to crush the biscuits. Crushing the biscuits with the hundreds and thousands block was hurting my hands.

Suddenly Ms Squires sprinkled the chocolate sprinkles and the colourful sprinkles onto the crushed biscuits. Ms Squires scooped the ice cream out and put into my hands. My hands were freezing cold.

The next step was to put the ice cream on the biscuit mixture. I flipped it over and rolled it on my ice cream.

Finally we went outside to eat our ice cream comets. As I ate the ice cream comet there were different kinds of textures like the chocolate and the colorful sprinkles, the ice cream and the crushed biscuits.

after we ate the ice cream comets I felt like for one more ice cream comets
they were Delicious